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RGF Cargo Marine

With steadfast dedication to quality service,Richwell integrates multimodal transportation coupled with stringent criteria for selecting carriers/ consolidators to ascertain reliable service quality & operational excellence to meet everyday’s challenge
We provide:
Less-than Container Load services (LCL)

When you do not have sufficient cargoes to fill an ocean freight container, Richwell offers LCL services for freight of all kinds between major ports globally. With our extensive network and partnerships around the world, Richwell offers you solutions within a container that is consoled with other customers’ goods delivering economical usage-based costing, keeping goods moving in your supply chain because you can freight them as soon as they are readily available rather than waiting till you have a container load of cargoes. Our consolidating LCL services allows shippers to keep their inventory lean by constantly moving a steady flow of inventories but in smaller quantities.

Full Container Load services (FCL)

FCL shipments allow customers to enjoy greater economies of scales when there is sufficient cargoes to fill the whole container. An FCL container service allows customers to decide their inventory size and cargo commodities by optimising the unit cost of a container ocean freight, without compromising their shared customers’ commodities requirements.

Richwell is dedicated to provide our customers the high frequencies of various sailing options to their preferred destinations around the world within the shortest lead time possible.

Reefer Containers

A reefer container usually has a refrigeration unit and is designed to maintain cargo at its optimum temperature during shipping period. As such, they are considered the ideal type of container for perishable cargoes. These cargoes are mostly time, temperature or treatment sensitive and could potentially be a health hazard if mishandled.

Deconsolidation/ Transshipment/ Transloading

Devanning of containers, arrangements of loose cargoes delivery and onforwarding of transshipment cargoes to final destinations.

Vendor Assembly

Consolidating multiple vendors’ products/ cargoes, ensuring cargoes are moved on the same voyage for buyers’ interest.