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RGF Road Express

RGF Road Express has an extensive network, linking up all major cities domestically or globally. With our own fleet of trucks together with professional operators and advanced monitoring systems, we assure you maximum flexibility and reliability.

Our Group assets:

-50 units of Prime Movers
-193 units of 20’ Trailers
-237 units of 40’ Trailers
-12 units of 45’ Trailers
-13 units of 40’ Platform Trailers
-8 units of Low Bed Trailers
-2 units of 150 tons Heavy Duty Tractors
-2 units of Canvas Covered Containers for local & loose cargo transportation
-Container storage facilities at various locations with Kalmar services for container lift on/ off
-Container yards at Jalan Buroh & Penjuru Lane


Customs Clearance

Our customs brokerage services offers a broad range of services to ensure uniformity, consistencies & compliant trade activities, supporting your companies in avoiding delays, fines & penalties. We ensure that customs pre-requisites are met and cargoes are delivered in a timely manner.

Cross Border Trucking – LTL & FTL

With its cost-effective and time-efficient features, Cross Border Freight Management has been a popular shipping choice between neighbouring countries. Providing international and domestic road transport, we use dedicated vehicles for your urgent consignments through Less-than Truck Load (LTL) and Full-Truck Load (FTL) from one country to another via land. Our Cross-Border Trucking service is able to provide more flexibility and choice for your business needs and more options even with small volumes.

Cold Truck Transportation

Here at Richwell, we understand the significance of temperature-controlled conveyance in the time-sensitive perishables supply chain. This means moving perishables with the uppermost efficiency, retaining freshness and natural qualities from the point of produce to warehouses, distribution points and end users.

Engaging specialised temperature-controlled reefer trucks for refrigerated carriage, we offer a seamless truck transportation chain for perishables, food items and pharmaceutical products. We leverage controlled atmosphere reefer technology to ensure product quality, shelf life, and decrease dehydration for desired consumers.

Point-to-Point Trucking

Time is money. When you need something for your business, do not wait. Delays can be costly, stalling operations or projects and negatively impacting flow. Richwell offers domestic inland transportation from point to point within the island. We focus on quick response deliveries and short hauls transit to ensure cargoes is received timely. Our extensive transportation services include trailers both open and covered, and tailgate trucks and lorry cranes of all tonnages.